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When we came up with the idea of starting Online Indian Snack Store, we had a couple of problems to solve. In the age of Amazon ruling the US market, how was it that Prices for Indian Snacks and Grocery essentials in online Indian grocery stores was so different (higher) than Traditional Indian Stores. One thing we definitely realized is most of the Online Indian Shops was either overcharging for products or the shipping prices were crazy. There was no balance to this equation.

We realized there was gap in this market, which was meant to serve the Indian/Asian community who had no access to a nearby Indian Store but instead these people were getting ripped off for not having any other viable option. Either they had to drive 100 miles to an Indian grocery store or Shop online and pay higher prices for basic necessities. Plus we have thousands of our College students with no access whatsoever. Somehow we thought it could be done a little differently. So we started looking at basic pieces of this puzzle. 

  • Start with Household Necessities
  • Find Wholesale Prices
  • Good Shipping Options


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