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Bai Antioxidant Cocofusions Puna Coconut Pineapple


Bai Antioxidant Cocofusions will refresh and rehydrate you any time of day.  Formulated with healthy habits in mind, these drinks make it easy to stay low on sugars and carbs, while incorporating cell-supporting antioxidants and natural caffeine.  If you're a coconut fanatic, you'll love these variations.  Pair coconut with different tropical flavors to give you a refreshing drink with only five calories per serving!

A Delicious Way to Quench Your Thirst

Replace your favorite soda with a healthier treat and still get a kick of natural caffeine in each bottle. As you work to overhaul or maintain your health, it's important to provide yourself with healthy, tasty options. Don't feel deprived as you cut out sugary drinks and coffees. Bai Antioxidant Cocofusions give you refreshing sweetness with natural caffeine, so you won't miss your afternoon sodas or you morning coffees.

What Flavors are Included in Bai Antioxidant Cocofusions?

This variety pack includes interesting tropical flavors blended with coconut, so you'll never get bored while enjoying them. And each coconut drink is infused with healthy antioxidants. 

  • Bai Maui Coconut Raspberry
  • Bai Molokai Coconut
  • Bai Andes Coconut Lime
  • Bai Puna Coconut Pineapple

Are the Drinks in the Bai Antioxidant Cocofusions Healthy for Me?

These drinks are formulated with health and flavor in mind. Bai uses erythritol to sweeten their drinks and keep the glycemic index low, and each bottle contains antioxidants to support maximum health.

  • Packaged in BPA-free bottles and never hot-filled
  • Contains as much natural caffeine as a cup of green tea
  • Is gluten free and vegan
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Has a low glycemic Index (only one gram of sugar per serving)
  • Contains 4.5 mg of vitamin E (antioxidant)
  • Contains 50 mg of polyphenols and chlorogenic acids from coffee fruit extract and white tea extract (antioxidants) in each bottle