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Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze


After a competitive basketball, soccer or tennis match, you'll need to rehydrate. The Gatorade® Sports Drink is the perfect thirst quencher. Great for the student, amateur and professional athlete, it exceeds the benefit of water by replacing electrolytes and giving you added energy. This product is also ideal when you have participated in intense aerobic activities like bike riding, running or boxing.

What are the Frost Drink Flavors?

Gatorade Frost Flavors Glacier Freeze, Riptide Rush and Cascade Crash. Each offers a delicious and subtle fruit taste resulting in a refreshing flavor combination. Both energizing and palatable, you'll enjoy drinking it to stay hydrated.

Why Should I Drink Gatorade?

To stay hydrated you should drink plenty of liquids before, during and after exercise. When you are competing in any kind of sport, your body loses hydration and electrolytes. Drinking a Gatorade Sports Drink will replace both water and nutrients. This drink will help to get you ready to compete or workout again.