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Gatorade Fruit Punch


Quench your thirst with the refreshing taste of Gatorade Sports Drinks. They're loaded with various types of fruit flavors and come in many different colors.

What Flavors do These Sports Drinks Come in?

The Gatorade Sports Drinks includes 3 distinct flavors of orange, fruit punch and lemon-lime. Each flavor also corresponds to the unique color of the beverage, so you'll always know which flavor you're reaching for. For example, the red color indicates a fruit punch flavor, while the yellow color indicates a lemon-lime flavor.

Where Can Gatorade Energy Drinks be Taken?

Pack a bottle or two in your backpack or gym bag, or stash the whole Gatorade Sports Drinks in the trunk of your car for convenient on the go use. With the ease and portability of these sports drinks, you can take them just about anywhere. From school and work to the gym or at home as a midday pick-me-up, these Gatorade sports drinks are the perfect fuel for when you need a boost.

Benefits of Gatorade Energy Drinks

Each Gatorade bottle is packed with electrolytes to help you recharge and re-energize. If you have a big workout ahead of you or are feeling sluggish after a long day of work, open one of these Gatorade drink bottles for a quick energy boost to help you get through the day. Each sip packs a boost of carbohydrate energy, which is perfect for helping you feel more alert.